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Shenzhen Hongjiali New Energy Co., Ltd. is China's largest electric vehicle (EV) ultra-fast chargers manufacturer, providing flexible and scalable EV charging solutions and convenient, fast and efficient EV charging stations, helping forward-thinking companies build a sustainable future . The products cover ev chargers, ev fast charger, level 3 ev charger, level 2 charger, ev c...

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Our Products

It can be used for commercial use or home use, and is suitable for charging all brands of electric vehicles
Charger products have passed CE, Rosh, CCC and other certifications
15 years of manufacturing experience, direct sales of chargers, no middlemen, ODM service available

Fast Charging

Power: 30kw-900kw
application: electric car charging

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DC EV Charger

Applicable scenarios: buses, taxis, official vehicles, sanitation vehicles, logistics vehicles, private cars, commuter vehicles, buses, urban public charging stations

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New Energy Storage System

Applicable scenarios: charging stations, limited power workshops, industrial parks, schools,
shopping malls, farms, power supply in remote areas without electricity, islands......

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Storage Charging

Power: 30kw-1000kw
application: electric car charging

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Charging And Swapping

Number of bins: 4, 8, 12
application: Electric two and three wheelers Charge and replace

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Battery Swapping Station

Function: A professional smart device for charging lithium batteries, which can charge multiple types
and multiple lithium batteries at the same time

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To provide you with professional and comprehensive
Charging equipment and charging operation station
Build an integrated solution

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Accumulatively provide new energy vehicle
charging solutions for over 10,000+ enterprises

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We are a direct seller
Turn down middlemen to make the difference our products
excellent quality and reasonable price

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Whenever you need us, we're here for you. --- Contact us for all your support needs, from technology, general queries to information support, etc. Our hotline numbers and e-mail are open 24hx7d for your needs.

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